Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who the hell is Jarrett Melendez?

A: I'm so glad you asked (because I'm a raging narcissist)! Jarrett is an award-winning comic book writer, editor, cookbook author, and food writer. For more information, go here, or consult your local library.

Q: Why should I care about Jarrett Melendez?

A: You don't have to! I mean, it's generally a good idea to care, at least at a basic level, about your fellow human beings. But if caring about the well-being of others isn't part of your Whole Deal, then maybe this* isn't the place for you!

*("this" meaning "society" in this case)

Q: Where can I find Jarrett?

A: Look at you, you Nosy Nellie, you Sneaky Pete! Jarrett lives in an undisclosed location in Somerville, but you can find him at conventions all over the world, throughout the year. Wanna know where he'll be next? Check out his Convention Schedule.

Q: Does Jarrett have a tragic backstory?

A: He sure does! Read all about it in his upcoming memoir graphic novel.

Q: Is Jarrett single?

A: Boy howdy, is he ever! Prospective suitors should message him ASAP via the Contact Page, or any of his social media accounts, carrier pigeon, smoke signals, astral projection, hiring a sky writer, etc.

Q: What is Jarrett's favorite gift to receive?

A: Cold, hard cash. And new Monokuro Boo plushes. And local/regional specialties and/or ingredients.